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Humanistic Jewish services provide an opportunity for people with common values to come together as a supportive community. They are opportunities for communal bonding, personal reflection, intellectual stimulation and emotional nourishment. Our celebrations are inspired by song, enhanced by poetry and prose, informed by ancient writings of our ancestors, and enhanced by the words of those who have lived lives of courage and contributed to making the world a better place. Through ritual, recitation and song, our services connect Humanistic Jews to a rich cultural heritage.




Adat Chaverim holds Shabbat celebrations at 11:00am on the second Saturday of each month. Shabbat is an opportunity to reflect on the week that was, connect with our inner-selves and engage with one another in a community setting.


Family Havdalah


Adat Chaverim holds monthly family Havdalah services at members' homes. The ceremony marks the transition from the special time of Shabbat to the rest of the week, and consists of song, poetry, teachings, candle lighting, spices and wine. The service is followed by a potluck dinner, schmoozing and games.


Seasonal Holidays


Adat Chaverim conducts creative and engaging ceremonies marking the major holidays on the Jewish calendar. These humanistic services are not bound by conventional scripts or dogma, but allow us to celebrate our Jewish identities in a way that is authentic, contemporary, and meaningful to us as secular humanists.


Lifecycle Events

Throughout history and across the world, people from different cultures and religions have created ceremonies to mark the unique passages that make up our human experience. At Adat Chaverim, we look to the richness of our Jewish heritage, values, and traditions to add meaning to these celebrations, including:

  • Jewish Adoption - the acceptance of a person born a non-Jew into the "Jewish family"
  • Birth - “baby naming," brit milla, brit shalom, and brit bat
  • B'nei Mitzvah
  • Marriage - Jewish and inter-cultural
  • Death- funeral, memorial, unveiling