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At Adat Chaverim we seek to strengthen connections to the best of our heritage, celebrating Jewish holidays and events with contemporary meaning and modern relevance. Our members are diverse, coming from many different backgrounds, and include agnostics, atheists, secularists, intercultural and LGBT families and individuals. We welcome non-Jewish spouses and partners as full members of our community and encourage you to share in our celebrations and educational programs.

Adat Chavreim aims to keep costs affordable to families and single adults, including membership dues and cultural school tuition. We offer reduced dues and other fees to anyone who cannot afford standard rates. We do not turn away any prospective member. Discreet and customized arrangements may be made with the congregation Treasurer.

Adat Chaverim members are also members of the national Society for Humanistic Judaism (SHJ), which has over 30 affiliated congregations in the United States, and more in Canada, Europe and Israel. SHJ gives a national and global presence for Humanistic Judaism, provides our members with informative quarterly publications, and assists our congregation with development and support.

Click here to download our Membership Application, which includes information on membership fees and cultural school tuition.