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WELCOME TO ADAT CHAVERIM..... a Humanistic Jewish Community !

This is the FUTURE of Judaism
and you need not be Jewish to become a member!

Judaism is once more changing and adapting! In the United States today, intermarried and intercultural Jewish partners now outnumber "Jewish only" ones.  Because of the growth of mixed partners, "being a Jew" is shifting from an ethnicity to a way of being, thinking, and living that non-Jews can adopt.  Repairing the world (tikkum olam in Hebrew) and acts of loving kindness (gemulit chasadim) are ways of thinking and being that are as old as humanity itself!  And they are still keys to creating a better world in these modern times.

Some Jews still see intermarriage, interpartners, and the children of those couplings, as a negative - even lamentable - development.  But, we at Adat Chaverim see this as a wonderful development - a widening of Jewish growth and an expanding Jewish and non-Jewish life!  Humanistic Judaism is the future of being Jewish that ANYONE can adopt.  If you believe and feel that Judaism is the history, culture, and inclusiveness of today's Jewish people, then join us in exploring this new future of Judaism.

Agnostic, secular, intercultural, and LGBT families and individuals all welcomed!

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Established in 2000 as LA’s only Humanistic Jewish congregation, we are still growing, striving to create a place of celebration, inspiration, and friendship. We have regular Shabbat, holiday celebrations, a variety of Special Interest Groups, including community and ethical activism for families, and the entire community! We welcome you to visit or attend any of our events and we offer a discount to new members enrolling their children in our Sunday school! Click here for a copy of our 

Core Principles

Adat Chaverim's calendar is below; you can scroll through each month to see a list of our meetings, celebrations, and events! We offer Jewish studies for Adults, Adult Discussion Groups, ongoing Lecture Series, and Shabbat, a Senior's Group as well as much, much more. We are planning a wide variety of new and exciting activities for all age groups throughout the summer! Look for updates to our calendar AND our new website on a regular basis, including more information about our Upcoming Events

Our educational goal is to impart a positive Jewish identity to our students through the teaching of Jewish history, culture, values and traditions in a Humanistic framework. Our curriculum and methodology will reflect Humanistic values; all lessons are structured to encourage students to think for themselves and to apply that knowledge in their everyday lives. Click on the following link for additional information on our Secular Sunday school! Learn more...

Adat Chaverim is a Humanistic Jewish Congregation offering a non-theistic supportive community that promotes pluralism, inclusion, and cultural continuity for our children. We seek to strengthen connections to our heritage, while celebrating Jewish holidays and events with contemporary meaning and modern relevance. Our community includes agnostics, atheists, spiritualists, intercultural, and LGBT families and individuals. As genuine Humanists, we warmly welcome you to our congregation. Join us in celebrating who we are as a secular Jewish people and community!
Cantor Jonathan L Friedmann

Cantor Jonathan L. Friedmann  comes to Adat Chaverim with impressive credentials. He received cantorial ordination and a master’s degree in Jewish sacred music from the Academy for Jewish Religion, California, holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in religious studies from California State University, Long Beach, and earned a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from the joint program of North-West University and Greenwich School of Theology. A prolific writer, Cantor Friedmann has published hundreds of popular and peer-reviewed articles on musicology and the sociology of religion, and has authored or edited twelve scholarly books. At Adat Cheverim, Jonathan leads monthly Havdalah celebrations, teaches a series of adult education classes, runs our book club (“People of the Books”), leads humanistic Torah study and conducts various other ceremonies and events