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All facets of our community and its activities are guided by these Seven Core Principles:

(1) We view Jewish history as a product of human decisions and actions, and draw strength from the culture, generational wisdom and achievements of the Jewish people.

(2) We demonstrate our bond to the Jewish people through non-theistic, humanistic celebrations of Jewish holidays and life-cycle events, and do so in a manner that emphasizes the ethical lessons of our history, literature and culture.

(3) We value the study and discussion of Jewish and universal human issues, and rely on reason, evidence and creative expression to understand the world around us.

(4) We uphold a philosophy of education without indoctrination, affirm the importance of Jewish literacy, and endorse critical thinking as a core Jewish value.

(5) We believe that human beings have the responsibility for solving human problems, and we take personal responsibility for our own behavior and collectively take responsibility for the world in which we live.

(6) We respect the freedom, dignity and self-esteem of all human beings, and we are committed, in the enduring Jewish tradition of support for social action and social progress, to community service and promoting social justice.

(7) We are committed to living these principles with authenticity and integrity, thereby illuminating their value to future generations.

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